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Speakers + Workshops + Celebrity Appearances that dig deep, build up and inspire our local, national + global community


What We Do

​Greattly is a Marketing and PR firm with a dynamic Speakers, Workshops + Celebrity Appearances Bureau.


We support the positive development of our local, national and global community by working with businesses and individuals to make an impact.


We provide people, leadership and team development support for organizations through professional speakers, workshops and special appearances.


Further, Greattly works with nonprofits across the country providing event development, marketing and promotion. We can be a helpful resource for those who want to give back through sponsorship, partnerships and volunteering.


Who We Are

​We are an inspired group that believes in building up and supporting positive brands, organization and people.


We have decades of combined experience in Marketing, Branding, PR, Strategy across various industries. As well as, Business Leadership, Teams and Organizational Development.


Vanessa Haynes founded Greattly in 2015, as a boutique marketing and PR consulting firm. She brings 14 years in executive management and 19 years in management overall to support client brand development, strategic marketing and PR. In 2018, Haynes expanded Greattly to include media and began working with nonprofits throughout the US. In 2019, we launched the Speakers, Workshops + Celebrity Appearances Bureau to help organizations, teams and individuals dig deep, build-up and be inspired.


​Vanessa has been a member of the "football family" for 36 years. Her father, Mike Haynes, played professional football for 14 years. He is a Pro Football Hall of Famer also a member of the 2019-2020 NFL 100 All-Time Team. Vanessa has a natural passion for family, which includes her football and sports family. She has been passionately working with former and current pro athletes for over 8 years.


Welcome to Greattly! Greattly is a Media and PR company with a Speakers Bureau focused on making a positive impact on the local, national, and global community.


Greattly Media produces engaging lifestyle, culture, entertainment, and creative works. Many of Greattly’s works include on-site, special access pieces within the professional sports and football community. Join in as we share uplifting works, document our unique experiences, and venture into fun and interesting places.


Witness the speakers of Greattly Speakers Bureau who are making an impact on the expansive community and providing motivation and uplifting messages that inspire.

The Greattly Speakers Bureau purpose is to positively impact the local, national and global community. Through engagements and virtual … and conversations that share ones story, walk and unique experiences we provide an open space to learn the truth. Our engagements aim to dig deep, build up and inspire. Through uplifting experiences we can help motivate your group, leadership team, corporate team, sports team, supporters and community.



We have conversations. There is unique value in each of us. Through our stories, experiences and testimonies we share more, we hope to learn more about who you are and what your business stands for.


Event Types

Charity events

Employee Appreciation Events


Engagement Types

Keynote (TBD to resume in person)

Virtual Keynote

Celebrity Q&A’s

Virtual Team Building




Overcoming Challenges



Leadership Development

Team Development

Building Teams

Be a light



Celebrity Shares their Stories + Walk

Celebrity Path

Celebrity “How They Made It”

Setting Goals

Goal Attainment

Celebrity Personal Experience of Racial Injustice

Celebrity Personal Experience of Overcoming Challenges

Celebrity Personal Story of Perseverance

Celebrity Personal Experience of

Racial Injustice



Greattly, founded in 2015, is ….


As we piece together our past, present and we look ahead to our future, consistent with history expressed as a timeline, we each have our own timelines, our own path.


We may not know what milestones are ahead but we set goals with a purpose to achieve milestones and regardless of how we might plan our steps we continue to walk along our path head in a direction or stay still.


As we meet and work with and share our lives with others our paths converge. For that time, perhaps as from 9AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday, our path converges with others. And at the end of the day or appropriate time we resume our path away from the workplace. How has our day impacted our path? Have we progressed along in the direction for us to go? Are we idle? Are further from where we want to be or has the convergence of our path further propelled us to progress for both the companies’ path and our own?


What milestones are ahead?
















No person is the same.

You are unique.

Your value is unique.



Greattly Marketing + PR
Representing incredible people and businesses throughout the country to make a great impact and further the causes they care about.

Greattly is a Branding, Marketing and PR firm with a dynamic Speakers + Celebrity Appearances Bureau. We support the positive development of our local, national and global community through inspiring business leadership and teams development and through corporate and nonprofit events.

Deeply rooted in sports through leadership, Greattly's work includes special access, support and experiences from the sports community. Greattly was established in 2015 as a boutique business and marketing consulting firm to develop and optimize organizations, teams and brands to increase growth and for launch.