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Devon Kennard of the AZ Cardinals Delivers a Christmas Surprise to Ten Chandler Youth from ICAN

Devon Kennard, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, surprises 10 youth identified through for thriving in academics and within the community during these times. In addition to meeting the group at ICAN virtually with Zoom to surprise the youth with recognition, he gave each a personalized Christmas card and a gift to boot.

Devon was recognized as a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award Nominee in 2019, while he was with the Detroit Lions. Now that he is back in AZ, he is continuing to grow his involvement within the community to encourage education and self-growth. Previous to becoming a professional football player and graduating from USC with a Master's Degree in Communication Management, Devon went to Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, AZ. His father, Derek Kennard, also played for the St Louis / AZ Cardinals.


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